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      Service Position TEFL In China Job Fair Evaluation System Search

      Course Content

      Publish Time: 2018-09-23    SourceChinaJob

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      The training includes two sections: in-class training and on-line evaluation.

      TEFL training plan

      The training classes are classified into two parts:

       TEFL basic: reference book "Teaching English in China", about 40 class hours, trainers are native English experts;

       Chinese laws and regulations (Chinese in the classroom is optional upon requirements): about 2-4 class hours, trainers are Chinese experts.

      The TEFL examination session is 90 minutes, normally arranged at the noon or afternoon at the final day. Appendix 1 shows an example plan for the 7-day TEFL training.

      The content of the course includes:

          Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

          Language Teaching Methodology

          Modern Teaching Methods in China

          Teaching Conversation Classes to Lower Levels

          Teaching Pronunciation

          Teaching Communication to Higher Levels

          Teaching Writing

          Using Stories & Drama Techniques

          Using Pictures and Video

          Teaching Vocabulary

          Teaching Reading & Listening

          Appropriate Classroom Language

          Teaching Practice of Conversation Class

          Using Music in the Classroom

          Characteristics of the Chinese Education System

          Learning Habits of Chinese Students

          Chinese Culture

          Laws and regulations Concerning Foreign Teachers in China

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